Tenoner ZAF 250 Vario Tenoner Technical data Maximum timber sizes (W x H) for right angled tenons 500 x 250 mm Maximum timber sizes (W x H) for 60° angled tenons 220 x 250 mm Length of support (with scale for adjusting length stop) 3000 mm Feed rate speed 0,9 - 2,2 m/min Place requirement 1,5 x 4 m Nominal No. of strokes - no load 6670 1/min Nominal power input 6000 W Weight 392,1 kg Three-phase AC motor 400 V / 50 HzDelivery specification 1 Cutter head, complete with reversible knives TCT Ref. No. 202105 Applications Cutting tenons and laps up to 60° Compatible materials include solid wood and laminated beams Advantages Considerable time-saving - due to quick and easy adjustment of length, angle and tenon dimensions. Maximum timber dimensions 500 x 250 mm (19 11/16 x 9 13/16 in.) at 0° and 220 x 250 mm (8 11/16 x 9 13/16 in.) at 60°. Minimal space requirement - the workpiece always remains in the same position. No chip waste - fully extractable. Description The ZAF 250 Vario executes the full range of tenons quickly, accurately, efficiently and precisely. For straight or angled tenons, corner or ridge half-lap joints, you can always count on the ZAF 250 Vario Tenoner. To ensure exact length measurements, the stop is adjusted on a scale. Developed specifically for the ZAF 250 Vario, the cutting tool can be rapidly adapted for different tenon lengths and half-lap joints. The ZAF 250 Vario has precision setting options and a clearly laid-out control panel. Precise positioning of the timber is facilitated by a new built-in laser. The result is cuts which are accurate to the nearest millimeter (inch) in all types of timber! After setting the desired tenon geometry, the cutter head automatically executes the required shape - including angled, haunched and chamfered cuts. For hardwood applications the ZAF 250 Vario has an adjustable feed rate. Chip waste is extractable as a matter of course.

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