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Cross-Cutting System KSS 300 MidiMAX in the T-MAX Cross-Cutting System KSS 300 Transport and storage box T-MAX Technical data Cutting depth at 0° with guide track 0 - 40 mm Cutting depth 45° with track 0 - 27 mm Cutting depth at 0?° without guide track 0 - 42 mm Tilt range 0 - 45 ° Cutting length 300 mm Angle cuts -60 - +60 ° Nominal No. of strokes - no load 8800 1/min Nominal power input 900 W Weight with guide rail 3,0 kg Universal motor 230 V / 50 HzDelivery specification 1 TCT saw blade 120 x 1,2/1,8 x 20 mm, (4 3/4 in.) 40 flat/trapezoidal teeth Ref. No. 092559 1 Parallel guide fence Ref. No. 203180 1 Hose connector Ref. No. 203782 1 Allen key 4 mm Ref. No. 093074 1 Mains cable 4 m (13.1 ft) Ref. No. 087323 Applications Cross cuts with guide Rip cuts and cross-cutting Plunge cuts, recesses and cutting shadow gaps from 13 mm (1/2 in.) Compatible materials include board materials, doors, worktops, parquet and laminate flooring, cladding Advantages The pivot point of the KSS 300 is on the side, on the bottom edge of the rail. This has the advantage of requiring only a single tracing pointer for all angles - with or without the rail. Enables you to detach the machine from the rail in a single, quick action. The saw can then be used as a separate portable circular unit with all the functionality of the MAFELL KSP series. The smart stop and adjustable fence with large scale increments for exact angle settings facilitate very precise and consistent miter cuts. Description In internal finishing, one thing is important above all else: precision. Designed for supreme handling, the KSS 300 cross-cutting system therefore focuses on all the key functions for this type of work. Fastening the portable circular saw to the KSS rail creates a very practical single-handed cross-cutting system for bevel and miter cuts; once the cut has been executed, the saw automatically returns to the starting position. Offering a maximum cutting depth of 42 mm, the portable circular saw delivers ample power in all situations. Thanks to magnesium die-cast components, this especially neat and lightweight saw weighs only 2.4 kg (5.3 lbs). The entire, compact sawing system is accommodated in the T-MAX carrying case - it is an ideal tool for shadow gaps, rip, bevel, plunge and angled cuts, as well as free-hand work.

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